Certificate in Stress Management

Certificate in Stress Management

(Online / Distance Learning)

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This Stress Management Certificate course provides you with the necessary skills to manage your own stress, as well as support other people to manage their stress. The skill set you develop is an incredibly valuable asset in the modern world, where stress has become an epidemic, and manifests in health challenges across the spectrum of physical and mental disease.

Online- E Learning

Course Code: CSM
Duration: 3 Months
Study Material: EPUB/PDF/CD/Flash Viewer
Examination : Online (Multiple Choice Method)
Certificate : Delivery by Register Postal with in 10 days from the Successful Completion.

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    Stress Management Studies

    Medical therapists, counsellors, health practitioners and others can become involved in helping people manage their stress. The job and the work involved, may occur at many levels, and involve varying degrees of complexity.

    A stress management consultant is a helping professional who supports clients to deal with their stress. They may help the person to recognise their stresses and look at ways to deal with them. They may teach relaxation techniques and coping methods with their clients.

    The stress management consultant may offer counselling sessions one to one with clients. Or they could do group counselling. They may also offer training courses to groups or businesses in the same way as an anger management consultant.

    • What is Stress?
    • Our bodies react to stress in a similar way that they react to fear. We experience fear when we have cause to be concerned about our well-being or safety. We experience stress when we are in situations where we feel under threat but are not actually in any immediate danger.

      When we feel under threat in this way our bodies respond with the fight or flight syndrome, which prepares our bodies to fight or flee and involves a number of physical changes. Our heartbeat increases, our breathing becomes shallow, all of our senses work better, we may have a desire to defecate, our muscles tense to fight or flee, our hands and feet become colder and we begin to sweat to cool ourselves, as all of these changes make us hot.

      This response can be set off by many situations that are not really dangerous or life-threatening, however, we are reacting as if our lives were actually threatened, and the reaction to such threat is a very powerful one. When there is no enemy to fight or run from, the physical feelings created have no release, and thus we begin to build up stress. Stress, which will eventually find an outlet in chronic fatigue, anxiety and a variety of minor, or more serious, physical illnesses.

    • Psychology Theories

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