Why should I study Wedding Planning?

If you have a passion for working with people and you love arranging events and social gatherings, a course in Wedding Planning could be perfect for you. The techniques, tips and knowledge you will gain from these courses will enable you to become a wedding planner, and combined with certain entrepreneurial skills, you could even open your own small business in the wedding & events industry.

We have developed a range of Wedding Planning courses to cater for your individual needs. Whether you are just starting out in this industry or if you’re already an experienced wedding planner, our range of courses will give you the skills you need to organise, plan and execute the perfect wedding ceremony and reception. You will also learn about the different types of cultural weddings in India, South Asia, western and learn how to arrange each one according to the different traditions. If you are interested in the more advanced courses, you will acquire detailed knowledge on arranging high profile weddings and how to market your business at bridal shows.

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